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About us

My name is Liza Elizabeth Zoroya Snijders. I run a small crystal shop in the north of this tiny little country; The Netherlands. Where I teach my sons values that matter most to me.

During these last few years I learned a lot, most of all that having the courage to be open and vulnerable is the birthplace of happiness, true beauty and connection

Breaking down my barriers awakened something in me, an urge to evolve and connect. It became my biggest passion to continue creating and moving people with my work. I reach people through everything my heart wants to express.

My wish is to give something beautiful to this world. Something that breaks through our barriers and reaches the soul.

While our society is rushing by and industries are piling up, we tend to forget our way home, back inside to the core of our being. I want beautiful souls like you to remember what is really important. And that it’s only we, ourselves that set the limits on what’s possible or not. To have patience and never give up.

My goal is to connect humanity through light, through positive energy. To build a spiritual community, a sanctuary where people feel safe, where people can heal. Let the crystals & gems I personally handpick and charge under the full moon for you, who cleanse your energy & soul, fill your home with light.

We are a family, a soul tribe, we are connected.


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