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Are you ready for the Next epic sunday live sale?


12Pm & 6 pm ceT

Welcome to the enchanting Goddess Era.

 Let us transport you to a realm where dreams come true, where the mystical and the material merge in perfect harmony.

Picture yourself surrounded by shimmering crystals, each one radiating its unique energy, whispering secrets of ancient wisdom, and nurturing your soul. These crystals, dear precious soul, are the keys to unlocking the sacred power within you.


In celebration of the Goddess Era, we have curated a collection of the most exquisite crystals, hand-picked from the far corners of the world. Each crystal is infused with the essence of the divine feminine, a divine energy that has guided civilizations throughout history.


Imagine the possibilities that await you as you embrace the Goddess Era. Imagine the profound transformation that will unfold as you invite these divine crystals into your life. As you adorn yourself with their radiant beauty, you will become a beacon of light, attracting love, abundance, and spiritual growth.


As sisters, we will guide you, ensuring that you find the perfect crystal that resonates with your unique energy and desires. With each purchase, you will not only receive a stunning crystal but also a gateway to the divine, a catalyst for your spiritual evolution.


The Goddess Era awaits you, dear souls. Embrace it, and let your spirit soar!


I N S T A G R A M  L I V E S A L E

S U N D A Y  F E BR U A R Y  1 8  T H   
12  P M  & 6 P M  C E T 


We do things a little differently than others, we want to give you the opportunity to bid through Instagram on your favorite crystals! So you don’t have to worry who’s WiFi is best, everybody gets a fair chance! 

Scroll down for our Live Sale rules & menu

live sale guide lines

R u l e s

Claiming & payment

You may start the bid on a piece after we show the price so everyone gets a fair chance.

Claim by commenting :
code + any emoji + €bid
example: 135 50

* By claiming you are committing to purchasing that piece. If you back out, you will no longer be able to participate in future sales.

All claims are in Euros. After the live sale, please message us your email address, phone number and address.
Once you receive your invoice, payment is due upon receipt but you have 24 hours to complete it.

s e r v i c e


We offer custom payment plans for orders €200,- and over. This means you can spread your payment over 1-2 months, in some cases even 3 months. The first payment is due within 24 hours after receiving the invoice from the Live Sale.

  When you’d like a payment plan with your order, comment this with your address details in DM through IG.

O P E N  B O X E S

We offer the opportunity to create an open box. This means we wait with shipping your gems to their forever home, till you give us the GO-sign! This gives you the opportunity to possibly add more items while saving on shipping costs. 

Having crystals in an open box means they are either already paid for or will be completed by a payment plan.

There is no time limit or obligation to buy more. 

S h i p p i n g


The Netherlands €6,77
Does not include possible customs of the receiving country! 


Australia €32,-
Belgium €9,-
Brazil €30,15
Bulgaria €26,-
Canada €32,-
China €28,-
Denmark €14,75
Finland €19,50
France €14,25
Germany €9,50
Greece €26,-
Hong Kong €32,-
India €32,-
Indonesia €32,-
Japan €32,-
Luxembourg €12,-
New Zealand €32,-
Portugal €17,50
Spain €16,-
Sweden €19,50
UK €15,50
USA €32,-|
Rest of the world €32,-

see you there QUEEN!

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