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— One of the most powerful crystals for manifestation & spiritual elevation —


Rainbow fluorite typically contains otherworldly green and purple hues, who’s energy restores and rejuvenates the aura. It fills your spirit with positive and high vibrational energy, who encourage you to let go of self-consciousness and follow your dreams. Each color has its own property and the combination of colors and properties is what makes this crystal incredibly powerful. The green color cleanses and purifies the heart chakra by aligning your mind with the true desires of the heart.


This makes it the perfect prescription for a burnout or spiritual awakening! While the purple color in the fluorite crystal helps you discover and realign with your divine purpose in life. By opening and stimulating the third eye chakra, it clears the way for spiritual expansion and a deeper sense of inner peace.


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History & crystal affirmation
The origin of the name fluorite comes from the latin word fluere, meaning “to flow,” because of the fluorite’s ability to act as a flux between metals. Fluorite was thought to house rainbows due to its coloring (where some indeed do contain the phenomenon of a rainbow captured inside the crystal).

Crystal affirmation: I am at peace.

This Crystal was sourced in South Africa.

Additional information

Weight 1.002 kg
Dimensions 9 × 45 × 16 cm


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