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— Vibrate gently with the earth by grounding yourself —


Agate is thé crystal to call on for support when you need stability and grounding in your life. Comparing to other healing crystals agate gives of a relatively low frequency vibration that oozes calmness and reconnects you to your center.


The perfect symmetrical bands give the agate its trademark appearance. These bands signifying a stabilization of a chaotic mind or emotional rollercoaster making it the perfect crystal for use during pregnancy or a burn out. Especially people who tend to worry about earthly matters like job security or stress over health circumstances, this crystal can bring rest and peace into your home & mindset.


She is also a beautiful baby shower or newborn gift as you can place the crystal in the nursery after birth to ensure the room’s soft and gentle vibrations.

  • Stand is not included in the purchase. Stands are separately available.

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History & crystal affirmation

You can connect even deeper with agate when you understand its history & lore. Throughout ancient cultures including Islamic civilizations, Babylonians, and Egyptians, agate was used to protect against negative energy, which ranged in form from superstitions to tragedies and natural disasters.

Crystal affirmation: I am grounded.

This crystal is sourced in Madagascar.

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Weight 0.775 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 3 cm


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