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— Inflaming your path to enlightenment —


Golden Healer is a powerful healing crystal on all levels of being. Allowing the universal light to enter your body through the crown chakra, removing all energetic blockages whilst preparing your whole being for multi-dimensional healing. She brings you into a state where you feel how all life forms are linked in universal love and awareness. Raising your energetic vibration to extremely high levels as she acts as a catalyst for profound spiritual activation.

She has a high level of life force energy. Holding her helps calm anger, dissolve negative emotions, and promote compassion and empathy.

Allowing you to deeply connect to the roots of Gaia. This magical crystal may help you make profound changes in your life with minimal effort. Golden Healer is believed to help maintain your contact with the spiritual world. Reminding you to be the one who shows up in a calmer and more open state of mind, she calls upon you to be the healer. You will be able to communicate openly, make rational decisions and have better control of your own actions.

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History & crystal affirmation

Golden Healer is known for its yellow-golden hue. This crystal is partially or totally infused with a transparent mineral called iron oxide. It can be mined primarily in Arkansas in the United States but has been found worldwide. For Christians, the iron oxide inside this type of quartz is thought to help amplify one’s sense of Earth Christ Consciousness. In meditation this crystal creates a strong balance between your feminine and masculine energy, resonating with the sacral chakra.

Crystal affirmation: I am the embodiment of the universal divine light

This crystal was sourced in: Brazil

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