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Rare Green Phrase Hedenbergite Quartz


— Grass of the hidden grove–


This spectacular and extremly rare forest green crystal is specialized in the strength and hope of the heart. The inner core radiates and amplifies the overlaid included layer – combining to make for a very powerful healing experience.  Complimented by small pyrite roses across her lustrous cluster. Giving a jumpstart to the heart, giving you a deep but immediate boost! While she promotes communication and purification of the “Group Consciousness”.


Green Hedenbergite encourages us to look at the bright side, to keep positive in spite of any challenge and know in your heart the solution is always near. “Have faith brave warrior.”

She offers a strong connection with heart energy and the heart space. This is where altruism is born and cultivated, where compassion and caring reside. It is where your life lessons were chosen. The heart is simply the core of your Divine Spark.


Helping to break down walls and barriers built up over the course of this lifetime. It will show you the beauty that lies beneath and in fact, always has been there as part of you. We often forget this as we immerse our physical into this three-dimensional space.


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History & crystal affirmation

These green quartz crystals from China are among the most beautiful and unusual of their kind, compared to any previous and historical localities for such quartz such as Dalnegorsk and Greece. The Mongolian mining complex has 6 different mines, only one of which sporadically produces beautiful, lustrous, sharp crystals. Dark green quartz crystal heavily included by deep green hedenbergite. Classically, these were called “prase” or “prasem” quartz when found in the old days in Greece, the color being due to the calcium iron silicate, hedenbergite, inclusions.


Crystal affirmation: I remember.

This crystal is sourced in Huanggang mine, Inner Mongolia, China

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Weight 5.180 kg
Dimensions 20 × 21 × 11 cm


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