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— Stone of ascension —


This incredible crystal known as the stone of ascension, works on a cellular level. Meaning her energy will move softly and deeply, waking up ancient memory, experiences and coding that is held into our cells. Out body holds an incredible amount of information and awareness for us if we tap in and listen to it. Trolleite makes that journey of self discovery and healing a lot easier!



You will be called to wake up and if already awake, to step into your role of service to others. Encouraging our human self to move more in alignment with our highest self & purpose. Supporting us regardless of where we are on our spiritual path.



Use Trolleite to guide your meditations, be mindful of what you wish for and ensure it is coming from our heart and a place of love and light. Trolleite will be quick to show us when our intentions aren’t sincere or with the wrong mindset. Guiding us to be a divine channel for grace & universal energy. Making her the perfect crystal if you are traveling a healing journey, searching for divine intervention, growing spiritually or smashing goals in serving the greater good, in service to others!

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History & crystal affirmation

Trolleite is commonly found as an inclusion in Quartz, alongside similar minerals such as Scorzalite and Lazulite. The mineral was originally found in Sweden in 1868, and was named after the famed chemist and attorney general, Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister. Originalliy, it was thought that Trolleite was only found in its type locality (initial place of discovery), but throughout the 20th century, more and more deposits began to be unearthed. One of the largest and most important veins of Trolleite in the mineral community comes from the Minas Gerais region in Brazil

Crystal affirmation: We are one.

This crystal is sourced in Brazil.

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