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Freeform display stand square


— Geometric simplicity —


The striking geometric simplicity of this shimmering crystal sphere stand creates a dramatic vocal point in your interior. The beautiful golden arms are welcoming crystals of any shape and size, as they are adjustable in wide.  Although this stand is timeless and will be fitting for any home or interior, it especially blossoms in a Scandinavian, Minimalist, bohemian or an eclectic interior.


An essential need for crystal and design lovers is a vocal point in your room where you can display your precious gems. In contrast to our other display stands this beauty lifts your precious gems up on the pedistole it deserves. Letting them play with gravity and seemingly float above the glass base.


The stand is specially designed for all crystal forms but spheres. Guarding your most precious piece! We do recommend you to place the stand on a steady surface, where it cannot be pushed over by accident by people, kids or pets.

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What size stand does my crystal need?

This stand can hold any size & form. The 2 arms are adjustable to make it fitting for any piece!

If you are not sure if you’re purchase is a match for the stand you can always ask for a picture with your crystal of choice and this stand!

Material of this stand: 

Crystal plexi glass & colored metal holder.

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8.5 cm


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